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Entry #15

All Secret Medals For Epic Battle Fantasy 3

2011-01-06 01:20:35 by hbk101

All 20 unknown medals in order of ?'s: 1)Buy all shop equipment 2)Defeat Jack 3) Defeat Giant Squid 4)Defeat Mammoth 5)Defeat Desert Tank 6)Defeat three headed dragon 7) Eat a hamburger 8)Click 100 slimes in loader 9)Use beserk (special skill learned from forest NPC) 10)Use a dark rune in battle 11,12,13)Use Nuke,Genesis,Ragnarok skill 14)Learn a skill 15)Fully upgrade a weapon 16)Click natt's milk bottles 17)Use meow meow skill (special skill learned from town NPC) 18)Summon narwhal (earned when upgrading pirate armor to lvl5 and narwhal is summoned in battle) 19)Click spacebar behind a pig 20)View all concept art. Hope this helped!


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2011-01-09 23:06:58

Maybe if you just put some spaces between each medal it would be more useful

hbk101 responds:

Okay ill do just that


2011-01-09 23:09:33

oh also #16 doesn't seem to work for me they just bounce a lot <3 but still no medal D:

hbk101 responds:

it does it takes about just as long as it did in Epic Batte Fantasy 2


2011-01-13 21:52:45

THeir all right but you need to press spacebar behind the pig 5 times.Anyway your so awesome you got all the medals by completing the game

hbk101 responds:

whoa whoa whoa now i didnt beat the game...yet i just got this info from a reliable source


2013-08-23 17:33:37

I keep feeding them hamburgers but I'm not getting the medal.